K-12 Outreach

Check out our Community Outreach page for volunteer opportunities to help inspire future generations of engineers.  Engineer's Week 2017 is February 19th to 25th!

Outreach Materials

The Blue Grass Branch has created several outreach materials for use by our members at engineering days, math & science fairs, and school visits.  For an overview of what is available, click here.  For a more detailed description of what is available for use, see the information below.  To reserve / request any of the materials, please send an email to ascebb@gmail.com


Three posters highlighting engineering projects in Kentucky (note these are LARGE files - recommend right clicking and choosing "save target as" to save and then view):  US 68 Double Crossover Diamond, Parklands of Floyds ForkKentucky Lake and Lake Barkley Bridge Replacements

Display Board for posters

* Display Frame for posters


Three brochures targeting different audiences with local information and resources:  Engineering Report Card for Kids (K-5),Engineers Save Lives (middle & high school students, teachers, parents), Staying involved in ASCE after College (College Students) as well as brochures produced by national ASCE

Activities & Displays:


Storm / Sanitary Sewer Model - this display illustrates how storm and sanitary sewer systems work.

Watershed / Wetlands Model - this display consists of a model watershed with rainfall that shows how water moves through a watershed and how wetlands can impact flooding. Water is poured into the top of the box first without the sponges (representing wetlands) and then with the sponges to show how wetlands impact a watershed.

Bridges -  this display contains models of different types of bridges, a poster with famous bridges where participants guess what type of bridges they are, an explanation of how trusses work and a magnetic chalkboard where participants will replicate different truss patterns or create their own.

Landfills - this display shows the typical layers of a landfill with a small model and an accompanying poster. Samples of geotextile products will also be included so that students can see what these materials look and feel like.

LEGO Engineering Activities - four different LEGO Engineering Challenge Cards for students to hone their engineering problem-solving skills.  These activities include: LEGO Tower Activity, LEGO Dam Activity, LEGO Earthquake Tower Activity and LEGO Bridge Activity.